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I have a 06 999S and I want to order a new chain and sprockets this weekend. The gearing seems to be alittle tall plus I don't think the bike would pull redline in 6th gear anyway,and I don't plan to on the street. In the mountains it seems like you are in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gears alot,so I wanted to go up in the rear to a 38 or 39. I don't think I'll lose much topend anyway,so what works best a 38 or 39?? Thanks
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roadrash194 said:
I have heard alot of people talk about 1 down in the front,but I would think that with the chain making a tightier bend it would wear faster. I want to go to a 520 setup so I figured that it would be better to go up in the rear instead. I thank everyone for the info and I think I will go with the 38 as it is a good all around choice.
Roadrash is correct in his thinking here. I have a 40T 520 setup. After all, how many times are you hitting 150, unless you are a consistent track rider, with plenty of straight or huge sweepers.
The real trick setup is to take a 748 close ratio gearset and drop it into the 996. It cures all the problems of the spread between 5th & 6th gears, and breaths new life into the fun factor of the bike.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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