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I have a 06 999S and I want to order a new chain and sprockets this weekend. The gearing seems to be alittle tall plus I don't think the bike would pull redline in 6th gear anyway,and I don't plan to on the street. In the mountains it seems like you are in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gears alot,so I wanted to go up in the rear to a 38 or 39. I don't think I'll lose much topend anyway,so what works best a 38 or 39?? Thanks
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I have a 999r and dropped one tooth in the front. At the same time I added a 57mm Termi system. I'll tell you, with the added power from the exhaust, the 14 in the front did nothing. I'm going up 2 in the rear. From what I'vre read over the years, and all the folks I talked to, the commom theme on 999's is one down in the front and two up in the rear...Seems to be the perfect set up for street. I tried to save a buck...
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