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gear selector question - 996/998

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Just came back from a great ride.

My tach is working again :) so I don't have to spend another 270 for a replacement solution and my fix for the rubber posts that holds the gauge cluster down worked great.

Now, when coming home it seems that when shifting the gears back to first gear, i don't get that solid first gear "stop" where you can't shift down any further and the shift lever doen't go any further. The bike is in first gear but the gear selector isn't at the bottom. I can sit at the light and tap on the shifter and it will eventually find the first gear "stop".

All the other gears are fine and operation seems/is normal.

Down shifting to first was fine during the beginning of the ride but towards the end it got harder and harder to get to the first gear "stop".

Again, I can get to first gear, its just the shifter doesn't bottom out at first.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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level7 said:
People I've talked to say finding neutral is harder with the reverse shift, is that true?
I'd say mine is easier with reverse shift because the shift lever is longer which slightly reduces the effort, but increases the throw of the lever but it does make it easier to 'feel' the gears, also eliminates 2 joints in the the linkage which if worn or stiff can make shifting/finding neutral more difficult.

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