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Gauge diameter : 748

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Hey guys, I wanted to know if anyone has replaced the stock gauges with some aftermarket gauges. What is the size of the stock gauges. I have measured the glass and I get approximately 79mm and to the outside of the bezel is approximately 95mm. So do I need 80mm gauges or would 95mm fit.

I know I can get some digital race gauges like translogic, aim and a number of other manufactures. But I wanted to keep the analog gauges.
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Any standard 80mm size gauge should fit in theory, but whether the mounting bolts line up is another question altogether.

I know they are the same diameter as the gauges on my Thruxton which are 80mm.

Which gauge are you looking to replace? SPA makes a sweet tach that has a water temp display built in if you wanted to pull that gauge too.
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