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Gas Tank Farts

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I've been watching this site for a while, and if it's been posted, please forgive me, but;

Every time I open my fuel cap, there's a great deal of pressure behind the cap. Today, after riding, I turned the lock on the cap and it practically shot open.

I've only had the bike a few months, it's been nothing but cold outside since I've had it... and with nearly 2000 miles, I think the cap has been under pressure every time I've opened it.

Anything to be concerned about?


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Implosion warning

The pressure SHOULD be venting via the cap. There are two one way valves in the cap, one going one way, the other going the opposite. They both vent through that little rubber grommet near the hinge which leads to a hose (or on California bikes to a charcoal canister). If pressure is building up something's blocked. If the other valve blocks your tank WILL IMPLODE as it cools. I've had one tank implode on my 900SSie twice before I found the problem. It turned out that the grommet sometimes deforms when you close the cap, blocking the hole in the cap. Easy fix was to cut a small vee in the grommet.
My advice is to find the cause of the blockage before your tank pops. Hope that makes some sense.
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