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Gas tank buzzing????

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Hi everyone, I am new to this site and I have a problem that hopefully someone can shead some light on.
I have a 2001 996 biposto. I went to start it today, and it gave me a slight problem for the first time. When it started, there was a buzzing sound coming out of the gas cap/tank area. While warming up, the bike stalled a couple times too. Is there maybe a lack of gas problem (there is gas in the tank) getting to the bike somewhere?.
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Note on the "splashing noise" from the previous post: There's an air-separator in the fuel pump circuit. It emits bubbles and a minor flow of petrol when the pump is running. At lower tank levels, you'll hear/see this with the lid open.

If you hear a WHOOSH, (and see some violent flow, that's when the line is split. If you're lucky, it won't squirt you in the eye when the lid is up. VIEW and listen WITH CAUTION.

Another note: the pump RUNS while the engine is running. It primes for a second or 2 when the key is 1st turned on. You need between 30 to 50 PSI at the injectors to make the FI system work. Maybe lower on the newer "shower head" injections on the SBKs.
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