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Gas for 12:1 compression

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I just ordered my bb kit from ferracci 785 with 12:1 compression. What is going to be the best gas for me to run?? 110??
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I use 91 octane in mine with no knocking problems. I did have the ignition adjusted to accomodate as my bike is mainly a streetbike.

IIR, you are making yours a dedicated trackbike. You will be able to keep your ignition more adanced and use 110 octane with no problems, possibly even slightly lower.

Brian C.
Blade has the same kit and uses Sunoko 110 race gas.
Mine is actually 13:1 [BCM 795 kit], and 110 is a little overkill [I'm sure I could get by with 105-108..maybe lower] But, they are not readily available at the track whereas the 110 is, and I don't really feel like carrying 25 gals of fuel around with me to every track.

My combustion chamber looks very good with the 110 leaded so I'm sticking with it. in some ways I like the lead because it is kind to the valve seats.

for street, I would run a tank of 93 octane [that's the highest they sell around here] and see how it runs. My 748/853 was 11.5:1, if i remember correctly, and ran well on the street on 89

I think most tracks that carry race fuel will have sunoco 100 unleaded also [which i've never tried], that will probably work well for your compression ratio.

I may try the 100 at some point this year, only because leaded fuel ruins O2 sensors very quickly and I will be attempting to do some fueling work with them later this season.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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