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Hey Guys

Just a quick follow on from previous thread regarding gas leaking from gas cap over the tank of my 1000ds, really didn't want to go to all the hassle of replacing the o-ring and any other rubber rings, which may have been causing the leak, so i lifted the tank, got a thin piece of wire (like chicken coup wire) and poked it all the way down the "Bleed + the Overflow" rubber pipes under the tank, did they same down small hole under the cap itself, now joy! no more leaking all over the tank!!!!

I noticed as soon as i had poked the wire down the rubber pipes fuel began to drip from overflow pipe under the bike, (never did that before) so it seems a small bit of grime/dirt could have been the cause? very simple fix?

Might be something for anyone else who is getting this issue to try? costs nothing, and worked for me :)
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