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Fun at Cornerspeed

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Went to Cornerspeed riding school (www.cornerspeed.net) on March 24 and a track day on March 25 at VIR. Had a good time. The ratio of instructors to riders was less than 2:1. So there was plenty of 1 on 1 help. Although my two friends and I sorta went out together alot. One instructor helped us out most of the day. Alot of what he said was Obi Wan Kenobish, but it was still good. I still need to improve my cornerspeed. I am just taking corners too slow and braking too early and too hard. In addition I don't go all the way to the outside to my turn in point enough. One thing that was frustrating was one guy there, who was on a 916/996/998 as well, kept looking back to see who was behind him. I'm thinking "don't do that, let me worry about getting around you, keep your eyes on where you're going". Few times I was behind it was a tad frustrating. Especially since the instructors said not to do it. If you're on the forum here, just mentioning, not trying to bash or anything. No harm done. Anyway other than that I had fun and look forward to improving. I'll be going down to VIR April 10-11 with the MAD Ducati guys for some track days with Cornerspeed.
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