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Fully Synthetic vs 100% Synthetic

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Getting ready for my oil change, all oil changes have been with Silkolene Fully synthetic oil. I have been very happy with the oil. Today I was looking for oil and noticed there is a 100% Synthetic oil. Is it better for the hyper or the fully Synthetic is enough.
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Actually I think the manmade stuff is a better synthetic.
Don't touch it unless it says totally, fully absolutely 105% man made, no natural products were used in the manufacture of this oil, synthetic on the can, or just use the oil recommended and treat the service periods in the manual as a maximum
I have friend who has had 45000 trouble free miles from a Dyna just using what ever oil is on offer in the local shop and changing it every 3000, with filter every other change and you know how much fuss the Harley boys make about oil
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