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full Arrow vs full LeoVince

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I am almost readdy to pull the trigger on one of this full exhaust. Here in México it is difficult to find aftermarket accesories and parts, so unless I go with Termi´s I will have to buy them on the web and ship them all the way to México which I think is what I am going to do.
I have not have the opportunity to hear any of this options and would really appreciate if any of you have heard both and can help me with my decision.

1.-which is louder?
2.-I know Arrow slipon has a DB Killer but I am not sure if the LB slipon has one?

Thanks a lot and hope you can help me on this one!!
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1. "loud" is relative, too loud for one person isn't for another. I have the Arrow system with DB killer removed. I wouldn't want mine any louder.
2. The LV can has a DB killer you can remove as well.
3. Performance would be about the same IMHO.
4. Weight is about the same as well.

It comes down to what you want to spend and looks. Keep in mind you may have to flash the ECU with a different map. Some guys get away with installing FatDucs, but I still had a lean condition when I tried that.
Thankyou Joe, I like the look of the LV more than the arrow, but the can is smaller and That could make it louder. I ride my bike everyday to go to work and commuting arround town, so I dont want it to be so loud.
It is good to know that the LV slipon has a DB killer as well as the Arrow. Other option is to buy the LV midpipe only as I like the stock exhaust and see how it sound, if it is too loud then I can add the slipon with a DB Killer.

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I can say the LV midpipe with stock can is going to be very loud! The stock can has no baffle at all to quiet it down. The LV midpipe does come with a very small baffle inline, but wouldn't think that would quiet it down much at all.
Good luck!
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