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Some people have had issues (including myself) with aftermarket quick disconnects that have buna rubber o-rings inside. Buna rubber is technically fuel safe, but tends to swell and soften over time when exposed to gasoline. What happens is that the sealing o-ring inside the female quick disonnect (the one that screws into the tank) swells so much it will cut the flow of fuel enough to make the bike sputter, stall and/or completely die.

To avoid this or correct it, you need to get a viton o-ring to replace the buna rubber. If you are ordering a new set of connectors, specify viton rubber. If you already have a set, you need the following o-rings (2 of them). This applies the part number LCD100-04 connectors.

AS 568 dash # 008 Viton - 3/16 inside diameter, 5/16 outside diameter, 1/16th width

Marcorubber/Allorings Viton -008 $5.50 per 50

McMaster Carr 9464K13 $4.95 per 100

I've ordered from MarcoRubber-Allorings myself for fuel pump flange and male quick disconnect rings (dash 247 and dash 011), so they have my vote (plus they ship to Canada where McMaster does not).

To replace the offending rings, you need to take the female disconnects off the tank. They are on the inside. Easiest way to remove them is to plug the male connector in to push the inner piece up, then pick out the o-ring with a pair of tweezers or a dental pick. Take care because once the o-ring is remove the spring loaded internals will pop out the other side - the o-ring holds them in place.

To replace, again push the male end in and slip the new o-ring over the internal shaft using a blunt pointed tool, something plastic that won't cut the ring.
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