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Hi everyone,

I changed the fuel pump on my 996 (2001) between my race tank and my street tank for the first time today.

I was wondering what the 3rd hose on the bottom of the fuel pump was for?

There is a white and black hose with quick coupling and there is a T-style coupling, which has two hoses coming from the fuel pump and one which from the engine into the airbox. Do these three belong together?

What is this T-style part for? Can someone please explain? I took off the tank and was a bit confused to see the one leftover hose hanging there. I assume it´s correct to put the leftover hose back onto the T-style coupling?

The service manual says something about a breather hose... Would be nice if you could explain what it does.

I also bought an aftermarket tank cap, with quick opening. As soon as I turn the tank upside down, it´s leaking fuel. The other tank I have with the standard fuel cap doesn´t do that. Did I do anything wrong or is it just that these quick open tank caps don´t seal properly?

Thanks for your time!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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