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Fuel pump crap

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I'm having the most f-ed up time trying to intall these quick disconnects on the fuel pump base. After snaping off one of the quickies in the whole AND chasing correct tread size which endded up not being metric afterall and breaking one of the pumps bases along with that quckie, I finally got the damn thing straight and it leaked when the pump came on. I went to get washers and a tube of that liquid gasskett stuff and when tightening them back up, another one snapped and broke off in the whole. Now I don't have another base. If I manage to back this fitting out (somehow) and get another quick disconnect from motowheels and manage not to break something again AND it doesn't leak gas, I just might make it out for the Sunday ride.

If anyone has any tips on how to gently back out the fitting and not damage the base, or thread, I'll take any advice.
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I've seen Vinny do that with his eyes closed, LOL. Give him a call.
What a pain in the ass .. but I am finally a little O-ring away from riding.
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