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Ok heres an isue I have with my 2000 996.
For the last 4 months it can be a bitch to start.
Cranks but no go for the first 30 seconds or so.
Now yesterday it fired right up cold and ran good. After stopping for and hour it wouldnt start. cranked but no go at all. Had to go get my truck and haul it home. Switched Gas tanks(diferent fuel pump)and she fired right up. ran great. came home and switched tanks/fuel pumps back to the bad one. The bitch fired right up. WTF! was so sure it was a fuel pump now im totaly lost. The only thing I can think of is that I inverted the bad tank/pump while removing the pin to switch it over. perhaps I undid a condidtion that was keeping the bike from running then. I doubt it it was a conection issue because I re-did all of them before trucking it home.
your thoughts.
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