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Fuel Gauge accuracy and mileage

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I'm sure this has been discussed before but I couldn't find it using the "search" feature.
I have an 04 ST3 which I just bought. It seems like my fuel gauge shows that I'm using a lot more fuel than I am. My fuel guage showed less than a quarter of a tank but I could only put in two gallons. Anybody else have this issue?
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On my 03 ST4s there is about a gallon of fuel left when low fuel is shown on the display. The mileage varies greatly between a 5-6 gear use and a silly Wednesday night out with the Motorheads of Cleveland. 42 a low and 51 a high, but mostly on the slab.

I usually see 180 mi out of a tank and then I am searching for a gas station.

Dave Harhay
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