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Mr Leakered
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I just wrapped up a valve check with a healthy dose of head gasket swaps. I also swapped in a new fuel pump and filter. The pump was 17yrs old. I think it was time for a retirement party.

The last couple services, I found a bit of oil in the coolant along with some sludge clinging to the coolant tank. I am hoping the new gaskets solve it, otherwise, I will replace the impeller seal. Those are the only two places where coolant and oil are sealed from each other?

The old gaskets were looking ratty and there was some rusty marks on the top of the barrels, so I am thinking that might have been the path for the oil. I used some Athena gaskets that Gotham Cycles sells. They are different than the Duc ones that I have seen in the past. There is sealant around the water and oil passages, so I think they might work out better. I do not know if they are reusable as the Duc ones are.

For the coolant tank, I put a cap on the hose connection and filled it with kerosene. I shook it and let it sit overnight. The kerosene dissolved a lot of the sludge. Using brake cleaner did not feel like a good option. I then squirted some Dawn in there and shook and rinsed it some more.

The new fuel pump is startlingly quiet. It was just a $30 Bosch 69238 that I found on Amazon. The one oddity is that the retainer stud on the bottom was not as long as the original. There was just enough straight shank to grip the retainer clip.

About the nuts, one of my fuel flange nuts was a bit unhappy. It always had difficulty starting it on the stud. I noticed that the nuts holding the strap bracket on the front of the tank looked similar. In fact, they are. If you have a bunged up fuel flange nut, there are two spares on every tank. I was able to get my old nut installed on the strap bracket, never to be removed again.

And finally, I was kicking myself a bit. I forgot that I used the last of my new Fuji nuts on the last service and forgot to grab a new pack from motorcyclesuperstore:
Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Metal Locking Nuts - Motorcycle Superstore

So, I used a drift to tap the locking flanges down a bit. They seemed to engage tight like a new nut. I do know that once metal yields, it is never as strong again, but I was a bit hosed at the moment and Fuji nuts are generally recommended for reuse. Replacing them in this application does make sense though. I did just order up a new pack of Fujis though, they were $3.00 cheaper this time.

Have a good one.
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