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I made a new post with a new price, as I now want to sell it. But again here's the info on the bike...

2010 Ducati Streetfighter S

I don't want to sell her but I have little baby boy on the way and I need the money and need to play the safe game.

I just recently moved out to Califonria and I'm from Oklahoma originally.
I purchased the bike from AMS in Dallas, TX.

5,570 miles, I ride the bike about every other week

Simple but solid mods

Full Termignoni Exhaust $3500.00
Motovation FrameSliders $128
Motovation Weighted Bar end sliders $99
Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator $130
Oversized Carbon Intakes (purchaed at AMS) $500
Carbon Radiator guards (ebay) $50
(2) CRG Blindsides Mirrors $45 each
Motowheels GP shifter $89
Ducati Performance Billet Foldaway Lever Set $350.00 - my favorite lever set ever, best feel with "box" like design.
Rear tire was just swapped as there was nail in the last one.

I'm a pretty easy rider not a wheelie guy or anything. I have taken the bike to the track twice. Here's the bad news. I went down the second time at the track. No major issues, it was 20mph low side slide. Frame, swingarm was untouched.

The majority of the bike of has been repaired, there three things I can think of that still need to be fixed before it's perfect. The mag front turn signal holder still needs to be fixed. The undertail plastic is doesn't sit perfect. Both of these are easy fixes will cost around 350 worth of parts. The last one is bit harder to fix, which is a few scratches on the front Marchesini wheel. You can only see it if you're looking for it.

Asking Price: $14,500

Sorry for the crappy Cell phone pictures. Better pictures will come if I get any real interest and/or over the weekend which ever comes first

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