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Stock Dry Weight was 381.5lbs, my estimate is currently ~315lbs with all the mods – much of it unsprung, this bike is a dream to ride – great torque, super agile and great grunt. Engine braking is insane – you almost don’t need brakes.

This bike is a dream for the right person. Most of these parts can be used on other bikes from the same time period and when bought together could be a huge savings.

Here's the build thread in case you’re interested in all the stuff I did to it -> Starting Point for my 2006 Monster S2R 800 Dark

More pictures upon request.


Started out as a 2006 Monster S2R 800, but has the following modifications:

• 2012 Ducati Monster 1100 S engine with ECU remapped by Rexxer (~6k miles on it)
• Carbon Fiber BST Wheels
• Full Arrow Titanium Exhaust (DB Killers out)
• Front End

o LED Headlight,
o Arrow Titanium Steering Damper
o AEM Light Weight Triple clamp kits for 01-08 Monster,
o CNC Racing Handlebars,
o Ducati 748 fully adjustable Showa forks,
o Ducati 999 Front Calipers,
o Corse Dynamics Starter Switch
o Ducati 1098 Brake and Clutch Masters
o Fren Tubo Carbon Clutch, Brake Lines, and Oil Lines
o SC-Project Oil Cooler
• Engine/Clutch

o Lightweight Flywheel (also have stock one if you want to switch back)
o Superbike Stator Adaptor Kit and Ducati 1098 Stator Assembly
o Magnesium Valve Covers
o Clutch Slave Cylinder
o Air Intake Kit (Pods)
o Timing Belt Roller Kit – Ergal (aluminum)
o Factory Pro Hybrid Ceramic Shift Kit
o CNC Racing Billet Crankcase Breather Vent
o STM Titanium Wire Clutch Cover
o Ducati CNC Billet Clutch Basket
o Ducati CNC Light Weight Racing Clutch Hub
o CNC Racing Vented Clutch Pressure Plate for Ducati engine with dry clutch, Black
o Clutch Basket Bolts Ti
o Barnet Clutch Pack
o Clutch Venting
• Rear End

o Quick Change Sprocket Carrier, Cush Drives, Sprocket Flange, Rear Seat Cowl
o Ducati 999 Rear Shock
o Aluminum Rear Sprocket + Unopened Extra
o Unopened/Never Installed extra Chain (running 520)
o BrakeTech Axis Iron Rear Rotor
• Aluminum Full Sets
• Tank replaced with metal (no bloat), nickel coated, painted (come chips – not perfect)
• Electrical

o Spark Plug Wiring Magnecor 8.5mm,
o Lithium Ion Battery,
o Ignition Cable Set
o Individual NOLOGY Coil Packs (4) one for each spark plug in this Dual Spark Engine
• Carbon Fiber

o Chain Covers
o Belt Covers
o Front Fender
o Brake and Clutch Levers
o Headlight Mounts
o Key Guard
• Titanium

o TPO Lightweight Rear Axle Spacer
o TPO Parts Lightweight Front Axle
o TPO Parts Titanium Countershaft Sprocket Retainer Bolts
o TPO Parts Titanium Rear Brake Disc Bolts S-0172
o TPO Parts Titanium Rear Axle Pinch Bolts S-0170
o TPO Parts Titanium Rear Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt Set
o TPO Parts Titanium Front Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt Set
o TPO Parts Titanium Rear Rocker Pivot Assembly
o TPO Parts Titanium Engine Mount Studs
o TPO Parts Titanium Rear Shock Pin (Upper)
o TPO Parts Titanium Upper Ride Height Adjuster Pin
o TPO Parts Titanium Swingarm Pivot And Bolt Set
o TPO Parts Titanium Kickstand Pivot And Nut
o TPO Parts Titanium Axle Spacer
o Pro-Bolt Titanium Caliper Pinch Bolts
o Pro-Bolt Titanium Silencer Bolt and Washers
o Pro-Bolt Aluminum Headlight Bolts, Seat Cowl Bolts, Seat Lock Bolts, Steering Stop Bolts, Aluminum Engine Bolt Kit
o Podium Racing Titanium Showa Fork Pinch Bolts
o Front Brake Disc Bolts
o TPO Parts Titanium Countershaft Sprocket Nut
o Flywheel Magnet Bolts Ti

All that PLUS a Pit Bull Rear Stand, Battery Charger, Ducati Performance Single Sided Luggage (made for Ducati Monster)



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