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Edit: not an S! I mistook my own bike for an S as pointed out by ICustomxXXI . Adjusting the price accordingly.

First generation of the Hyper. No ABS, no traction control, air-cooled, iconic Pierre Terblanche design. Ducati Red with Termi exhaust.

Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels.

Mods: Termignoni exhaust, frame sliders, axle sliders (front and rear), bar-cap turn signals with mirrors, clutch cover & pressure plate, tires have a couple hundred miles on them.

Purchased in November 2016 with 14,263 miles. Currently sits with 16,000 miles - which is very sad because that comes to be about 400 miles / year, hence the reason I’m selling it.

Services: (I can provide paperwork for these)
Fluids replaced (brake, clutch, oil) - April 2017- Barnetts Suzuki / Ducati Raleigh
15,000 mile Demo Service - April 2017- Barnetts Suzuki / Ducati Raleigh
Starter clutch replaced - May 2017 - Barnetts Suzuki / Ducati Raleigh

I replace the oil myself before every summer riding season.

Located in Raleigh, NC

Asking $6,000

Things I can include:
  • K&N air filter (not installed yet)
  • pitbull rear stand
  • front stand
  • Kriega tank adapter

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Beautiful bike man, but it’s a base model, not an S.
I feel like an idiot - I clearly didn't know much about the bike prior to purchase and I guess I assumed the yellow rear shock and Marchesini wheels made it an S. I stand corrected. I adjsuted the price down to $6 obo. Thanks for pointing that out.
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