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My beloved Multi is finally for sale. 27K Miles, Price is fair $5800 (Salvaged title, please read the story below)

This was my daily commuter for 25K and over two years and it never let me down.

At first I was going to remove all goodies to sell separately, but I really want someone to enjoy the bike and she is perfect as is. Here is the list:

Termi Muffler with DP ECU Remap
Ducati Performance Gel Seats
Ducati Performance Centerstand
Ducati Performance Windscreen
Ducati Performance Top Case Rack
Ducati Performance Rear CF Fender
Givi V46 Top Case with backrest and integrated Admore Light
KTM SMT Handguards
Heated Grips
Progrip 714 Grips
Short Billet levers
Billet Gas Tank Cap
Hypermotard Footpegs
Dual HID Projector conversion
FAR Mirrors

As you can see, I didn't go crazy with accessories. If you do not like something, it could be sold to fellow Multistrada owners. Parts alone are easily worth at least $1100 on used market.

I bought the bike with 2.5K on the odometer from insurance company. It was low sided in dirt. As you can see on the picture below, the frame and engine cover was scratched, and this was enough to salvage the bike. I sourced replacements for some damaged pieces from eBay and had my body shop paint the whole bike Audi White.

This bike is not a beauty queen but perfectly maintained work horse. If some wear and tear scares you, do not buy it. Here is what my knees did to paintjob over 25K miles of fun. I could probably buff it, but I will leave it up to you.

Other than the issues mentioned above, nothing needs to be done at the moment. All services were always done according to Ducati schedule by yours truly, using the finest lublicants. Recently I replaced chain and fork seals. Tires will probably need to be replaced in a couple thousand miles. Located in Los Angeles, CA. if you want to ride it home anywhere in USA I'm fully confident you will make it without any trouble. Please call with any questions: 323 496 4413 PST or e-mail to motodisiac at gmail dot com

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