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The motorcycle will be for sale until you see the status changed in the title. I am happy to answer any questions directly thru PM or email so please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

2001 Ducati 996 Sport Production Special SPS Rare Titled - $21,000

Serial # 899
VIN - ZDM3H99S91B003813
Engine # ZDM996W4*010700*

21,015 km ( 13,058 miles)

A limited edition of one of the prettiest motorcycles ever made with a clear title. The Ducati 996SPS (Sport Production Special) was an upgraded version that featured a modified engine and chassis. Nearly all these bikes were produced for track use only. This rare motorcycle was titled for street use. The factory outfitted this bike with Ohlins rear shock and front forks, as it was designed to be the ultimate 916. The factory also worked the engine with titanium connecting rods, upgraded camshafts, a lightened flywheel, and Termignoni pipes (without catalytic converters). The engine produced 12 more horsepower over a standard 996 engine, with a stated 134HP on the MCO (manufacturer's certificate of origin). Sold to customers around the world as a “track-only” bike with a close-ratio transmission, this was unlike any other Ducati sold at the time.

  1. Limited production run motorcycle
  2. EU bike (headlights are switchable)
  3. Very well documented maintenance and ownership history
  4. Maintained with an open checkbook
  5. 99% OEM
  6. Mechanically sound with no leaks/issues
  7. Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires date code (0618)
Bike has the following upgrades:
  1. Aluminum coolant reservoir
  2. EVR 48t sintered clutch
  3. 525 ZVMX DID chain
  4. EMS valve shims and kit
  5. Rockers replated (@ 2,050 km)
  1. Red mirrors (instead of matte black oem)
  2. Few rock chips in headlights
  3. Few scuffs on paint
  4. Scratches on fuel tank from jacket zippers
  5. Throttle plastic retainer chipped
Detailed Maintenance History
  1. Bought bike from Tarzana, CA December 2012 - 2,050 km
  2. February 2013 - 2,050 km - complete bike teardown including major service of timing belts, spark plugs, all fluids, new brake pads, new Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires, & EMS valve shims and adjustment. Every nut and bolt was torqued per specs. Registered in AZ.
  3. April 2013 - 6,112 km - engine oil and filter
  4. June 2013 - 8,277 km - check tension of timing belts, new rear tire, cleaned engine and frame (due to coolant tank cracking), new OEM plastic coolant tank, new coolant cap, new airbox gasket.
  5. August 2013 - 9,995 km - OEM plastic tank cracked. Install new aluminum coolant tank.
  6. September 2013 - 10,730 km - engine oil and filter
  7. November 2013 - 12,454 km - new interstate battery
  8. April 2014 - 13,481 km - timing belts and tensioners, pulley bearings, valve lash adjusted, new 525 DID drive chain, new air filters, engine oil and filter, coolant, brake and clutch fluid, clutch pushrod o-rings, and fuel line o-rings.
  9. April 2014 - 14,398 km - wax chain
  10. May 2015 - 15,885 km - engine oil and filter, wax chain
  11. January 2016 - 17,093 km - wax chain
  12. August 2017 - 18,350 km - engine oil and filter, coolant, brake and clutch fluid, wax chain, replace rubber pedal cover
  13. April 2018 - 18,833 km - Replace fuel pump, fuel filter, internal fuel hoses, o-rings, fuel level sensor, install metal quick disconnects, and new handle bar end plastic cap.
  14. June 2019 - 19,364 km - engine oil and filter, brake and clutch fluid, wax chain
  15. November 2019 - 19,577 - timing belts, engine oil and filter, fork seals, brake and clutch fluid, new EVR 48T clutch, new tires.
Ownership History
  1. Action Motorsports of S. Florida - 3/30/2001
  2. Mark Cullen - Reno, NV - original owner - sold on 9/24/2001
  3. Richard Downer - Palmdale, CA - 500 total km traveled - sold on 9/23/2006
  4. Logan Zinser - Del Mar, CA - ? total km traveled - sold on 11/11/2012
  5. Robert Fleischner - Tarzana, CA - 2,050 total km traveled - sold on 12/23/2012
  6. Jonathan Madonia - Phoenix, AZ - 20,974 total km traveled - current owner since 2012
Items Included
  1. 749/999 rear stand with adapter shaft
  2. Custom leather tool pouch
  3. USB drive of digital files (photos, records, receipts, bill of sales)
  4. Ducati Performance felt cover
  5. C-tek charger MUS 4.3
  6. Original SPS clutch and basket
  7. EMS shim kit
  8. New Ducati oil filter
  9. New Ducati Tensioner bearings
  10. New Champion QA55V spark plugs
  11. Single Key

Almost all of these bikes were sold for track use only. This motorcycle is one of the very rare that has a clear AZ title listed as 996S, which was the closest model the DMV would distinguish. It’s for those enthusiasts who want something timeless and enjoy an era of man + machine with limited electronics. This 996 SPS is not like many out there as it was the last run of the SPS series, notably being titled as a 2001. It is a numbers matching motorcycle with chassis and engine/transmission, verified with Ducati.

The options on this motorcycle are also rare and sought after, with the full Ohlins suspension, the titanium connecting rods, camshafts, and Termignoni exhaust create a sensation of harmony and balance unique to the SPS branded motorcycles. You can see in the Maintenance History with all the records that the motorcycle had regular belt services with any wear parts addressed any time needed. The condition of the motorcycle both aesthetically and mechanically is outstanding. The motorcycles driven regularly have less problems with everything working as it should. This one was never abused and it shows all over.

I bought this motorcycle to enjoy on the open roads of Arizona and as an upgrade from the Ducati Monster 900. My background servicing Ferrari’s may have also been a factor to stay within the Italian realm of engineering. It has brought joy to my life over the years and memories I will cherish forever as a street only motorcycle. Nothing compares to the sound of the SPS at wide open throttle blipping through the gears.

My time has come, due back trouble, to move away from motorcycles and allow the next caretaker to enjoy.

This motorcycle is missing nothing to be enjoyed on back country roads or at the track. It has been maintained and ridden during my ownership. For those that are crazy about pure originality and low miles you may consider looking elsewhere, but you would also likely not be able to ride those bikes too.

If you are looking for a complete motorcycle and one that you can proudly put in your collection and ride, look no further. We started with a good Ducati - it is now a great Ducati. It’s now up to the new owner to pick and choose how to enjoy. The sky's the limit.

I could put the motorcycle on BAT (Bring-A-Trailer) or other auction style sites but then the buyer would be out a buyer’s fee. I’d rather be reasonable and let a serious buyer come straight to me and see if it’s a good fit. I think you will see what this motorcycle has that other motorcycles on the market do not - not just on the color and spec, but on what has been taken care of mechanically and aesthetically that all these motorcycles need and few have…

Pricing - $21,000

Contact me for further information. Happy to send records for your review. You would not be disappointed.



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Those three magical letters.., SPS!
That's as good as it gets right there, a beautiful example.
I genuinely wish the seller and prospective buyer good fortune in their transaction

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Ah interesting. Looks like a standard US MSO but the VIN doesn't quite align with the US vin encoding. Must have been a Euro model! Thanks for sharing and best of luck selling. These are quite special machines.

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I've owned two and never seen a US market SPS that wasn't titled. That's not a knock on this bike or sale, but it's not a selling point. With the 17 digit VINs it's a breeze to title them in almost every state.
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Beautiful bike! Best of luck with the sale!

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Good price too low in my opinion. I have a Non titled MSO 2000 996SPS also.
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Wow! Good luck with the sale or keep a few more years and when I am out of one of the costly children phases and can purchase it. It's worth $20k to me since it is still a collector's item. The problem is I will crash it if I purchase it.
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