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Front Sprocket Help Please

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Sorry, I haveread many pages of this forum but can't find the answer.

My 998 has rotational clock/anticlockwise movement that seems excessive - about one full tooth (15 tooth sprocket). The gearbox shaft moves the same amount so the sprocket is secure on the shaft splines.
I have read comments that "some" play backlash is acceptable. . I have a video but can't upload it to the site.

Help please, newby on the forum.


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I'm assuming you are turning the sprocket with it in gear.There is play in the gearbox, primary gear clearance and dog spacing between gears plus clearance in the clutch [the beloved clack] Is the gearbox shifting ok? Are there any whining noises? What you are feeling is likely normal, any further checking would require splitting the cases.

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Looks/sounds like loose/worn clutch plates.
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