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if you can maintain a relaxed grip on the bars while 'giving it the berries', then good for you.
I am a very firm believer that dirt bike riding makes you a much better road rider.
1. You get used to front and rear wheel slides and learn NOT to lock up and panic - or you fall off a lot.
2. You learn to modulate braking to achieve max braking without losing traction - or you fall off a lot.
3. You set up the bike controls and handlebar relationship so that you ride with relaxed arms and elbows out. This is key in being able to let the bike do its thing while maintaining steering, throttle and braking control. Elbows out and grip the tank with your knees to add your bodies inertia to the bike's turning moment . This is exactly why I spaced my bars closer.

And Nickpilot, I cant help but totally disagree with
The answer (almost) always is DO NOTHING.
I have ridden big loaded motard style bikes across the Australian desert and ridden KTM 990 Advs across Malaysia and into the palm oil plantations on the slimy red mud roads. If you get wayward, crossed up, tank slappy, doing nothing means you eat it big time. More often than not, careful throttle increase is the answer and sometime it is slam it open. If the front end is squirrelly or following a rut, the bike will peel out from under you unless you unload the front by opening the taps. Doing nothing will see you off. Like most things, you have to train your reflexes to do the right thing which is often the opposite of what your brain tells you.

Just my opinion.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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