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Front end shudder on early 1000DS with moderate to hard braking

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Thinking about trying a Multistrada again. Had a 1000DS shortly after they first came out,....bought it used but still under warranty.

On my first ride along some challenging roads,....I found that the front end/forks shuddered badly on firm braking.

Brought it to the local dealer in Austin (when they were on Lamar) and they said it was a recognized problem and that there was a differently sized banjo fitting for the front brake master cylinder and brake line union, that Ducati was suggesting to moderate the front end shudder. Picked the bike up a few days later,.....and there was no change is the spooky front end shudder,.......so,.....since the dealer had no more suggestions,..............I sold the bike.

I liked the light weight feel of the Multi,....and now thinking that surely enough time has passed that the front end brake shudder issue has been sorted out on those bikes.

Anyone experienced this problem that was able to fix it, and if so,...what was done?

Brian in Austin
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