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Front brakes issue.

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I had the front right fork seal replaced. When I got my bike back the front brakes just sucked. I called the dealer and asked them if they knew what would be causing it and they said to bleed the brakes which I had already done. Of course they say they did nothing wrong. They were perfect before the bike went to the shop.

It works good the first time I use the brakes then goes back to the spongy feeling. Normally these brakes will throw you over the bars as you all know. Now they just suck and take forever to stop.

I've bleed them, replaced all the fluid with new, bleed the mc, and cleaned the pads and rotors. I've bleed the whole system at least 7 times, and like I said they work great the first time I pull the lever, after moving they go back to crap.

Any other suggestions?
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My first thought is that they didn't have to open the brake system when they did fork seals, but they very well could have gotten fluid on the calipers.. But that doesn't explain them working well for the first application - I'm interested in what you find.
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