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If you still have the OEM lever plunger/pin and the barrel/bushing, I would be interested in purchasing them from you. Please PM me if these are available.

Ho-kay. In similar fashion to my last mechanical conundrum, the mere suggestion that the wisdom of the forum was going to come to bear frightened the components into cooperation.

The dust boot pops out and pops back in. I suppose it might be worse if the boot was older and stiff, but this one is essentially new. Popped it out, slipped it over the pin, re-seated it and reinstalled the lever.

FWIW a suggestion I saw elsewhere about driving the bushing out of the old lever with a small socket worked fine. You will have to drive the new one in with a rubber mallet or wooden drift to avoid damaging it. It pushes out from the bottom up, and in from the top down. Brembo supplies a packet of white grease for the various surfaces. The little spring is kinda hateful, but if you get it stuffed, once you're installing the bushing it (the spring) can't escape.

Carry on.
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