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frame stickers

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For a winter project I hope to tear into the 92 SS. I'd like to gusset and powdewrcoat frame. Does anyone make stickers for the frame of what do you do for a VIN once you blast the sticker off? Thank god I live in a small town and am trusted as my Monster has this problem as well. They took my word for it but it WILL be a problem later if I sell it.
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The VIN is stamped on the headstock, just make sure the powdercoater doesn't fill them in but it shouldn't be a problem.
Couldn't find them on the Monster when I tagged it, I'll check on the SS. Kinda afraid to ride it anymore since I found some strange flakes in the oil screen. Don't know if the rockers are flaking, crank plug. I'd really feel better knowing the cyl. studs are replaced.
Thanks for the reply.
Could you make up a curved plate to fit over the VIN dots whilst it is being blasted & sprayed? Would stop any poss. questions later? A little plate held in place with large exhaust-type clamps maybe?
Take a photo of the sticker and have another one made, any big city will have a decal shop that can make you one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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