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Fork height difference

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Workshop manual says that the height difference should be within 0,1 mm measured from the bottom yoke. It seems almost impossible to measure with that accuracy. Any idea how to do it?

It should be quite easy to measure from the top of the top yoke, but that is not the same as it can be a little off from level. Bike is Multistrada -2015.
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well, really, you'd fit the forks without springs, tighten one leg at the position you want then fit the wheel and let the front drop onto the wheel so it's bottomed and then slide the loose outer around so that it is also bottomed (with a bit of load on top of it to make sure), then tighten the pinch screws. that's the only way they're going to bottom at the same time.

which no one does. fitting them so they bottom at the same time is an even more indetirminant argument than just measuring or fitting the axle imo.

ime the length of a showa adj is dependant on how many clicks of rebound it has available, and making them exactly the same is quite hard. so they will vary in length a touch.

others with caps that screw down hard on the cartridge rods will probably also vary a little just with production tolerance, so i really doubt that by any external measurement method you'd have them bottom at the same time.

also, usually you're measuring to an unmachined surface on a production triple as well, so you will get a small variation there too.
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