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Raising the forks in the triple clamps (so they stick up 1/2"-3/4" above top triple clamp) will speed up steering, allowing the bike to turn more easily, as well as putting more weight on the front tire for better feel, both good things for the slow handling pre-1999 Supersports. Bad part is you will lose some cornering clearance and the fender can come up too far and hit stuff (brake lines, etc.) under the bottom triple clamp, if you raise them much more than that. If you lower the forks, so they are even with the top of the top triple clamp, it will do the opposite (slower steering, less feel). Before I got my longer-than-stock Penske shock and put Superbike forks on my 1997 SS/SP, I liked about 1/2" of fork showing above the top triple clamp. FWIW.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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