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I have trouble reading the dash on the my Multistrada due to hyperopia from aging (farsightedness).

Compared to my previous bikes there is a lot more information available on the dash, I am also doing a little more GPS dependent kilometers with my phone mounted below the dash on a Ram Mount.

My solution is to use these.
So here is a little product promotion.

They are the same strength as my reading glasses, a little trial and error with positioning has them well out of my line of sight and by just looking down I can clearly read my dash and GPS.

They have been in for about 2000 kms now with no problems.

They fit under the Pin Lock anti fog on my visor and I have them on the tinted and clear visors.

They are removable and haven't budged whilst cleaning the visors.

I have them on a Shoei X Spirit lll helmet.

If feel reading glasses aren't an option.

I have no relationship with the manufacturer or suppliers.

Optx 20/20 - Enjoy Life's Little Details

Any questions I am happy to help.

Ronnie Q

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Cool idea! Thanks!

I'm getting to the point of needing a little assistance in seeing the dash.

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I can read my dash reasonably well in good light (I had cataracts young which switched me from nearsighted to farsighted) but did pick up a couple pairs of bifocal sunglasses that help with eye fatigue... this is an even better idea I think.
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