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Shamelessy purloined this off of the Triumph Rat "Twins talk" site. (Hey, we ride twins!) By "SpOOkY", Sydney, Australia:

"It has a special key that starts the machine. You sit on the padded control seat and turn on the key. There is a whine as the fuel pump starts up. It pumps the fuel into the injector nozzles, making the motor ready to go. A touch of the starter, and the machine starts with a rumbling roar. You let it warm up, then when it is ready, place it into first gear with your left foot.
As the machine starts to move, time slows down, then starts going backwards. The years drop away like petals falling from a rose. You are transported through time.

All of your old motorcycling friends join you as you cruise down the old roads, the time machine at your command, sweeping through the bends and dips of that wonderful country, your old mates all around you. Your heart is full of the joy of riding, the beautiful synergy of man and machine. You are one with your dream, at peace.

You enter a long right hand bend, the machine banking over as you lean into the sweeper. You feel for the road with your toe, it comes up to meet the outside edge of your boot, and kisses the leather softly. You feed in a little more power, hear the sound of metal against the tarmac as the foot peg touches down. You hold the machine there, the right foot peg caressing the smooth road as you fly through the never-ending corner . . .

Time stops. Ceases to exist.

There is just you, the black time machine, and the road."
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