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? for Motowheels or anyone

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I got this Basket from Motowheels. Its their 7000 series Billet Alum. At the same time I got a Barnett clutch, already running a Evo Slave. I have put maybe 350 miles on the bike with the new clutch. When I first got the bike back together, it was hard shifting. I did have to file the Barnett plate tabs down to fit the basket. I talked to Ken at Evoluzione, thinking it was a slave/air in the line problem. Finally the shifting loosened up after maybe 50 miles. I never slipped the clutch or burned it with poor shifting etc... Well pulling the clutch apart, for my 853 kit, I saw the plates were burned bad and had thickness varing by a few mils. Barnett being in SoCal I talked to their tech and went to their shop and they inspected my clutch and replaced it on the spot. Well getting my basket cleaned up, it had quite a bit of disc material in it and I noticed these grove marks at 12, 4 and 8 o'clock position in the basket, the plates groved the basket more than the tabs on the friction discs hitting the basket. I am just wondering if this is normal? Could this have caused stiction to burn the discs? I just dont want to burn up another clutch, with normal street/canyon riding.

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Can you measure the ID of the basket and OD of the discs with some calipers? It looks like one or the other is out of round.
Your Barnett clutch was the problem. Look at the tang wear marks. The discs were not centering in the basket. I suspect this is why the immediatly replaced it.


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Please let us know how it works with the new plates.
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