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3 CHP on Auburn-Foresthills rd. All of them writing as I passed. one was at the 25mph zone where the road slumped and is now only 2 lanes. the others were in Foresthill. I sat at the top of Mosquito for a while and saw no bikes, but one of the CHP had a pickup pulled over right across the road.
did Yankee Jim rd to Colfax. lovely 1 lane dirt rd with a bouncy suspension bridge across the north fork American. When I hit Nevada city, the harleys were thick. glad they were headed south as I was going north. several packs of 30 bikes and many smaller groups. apehangers seem to be coming more popular these days. I guess when you hit something you don't have to worry about getting trapped by the bars, you just fly right between them!
nearer to my folks I passed a few cars and trucks hauling boats. it was a passing zone, but there was a ford explorer parked off to the side that I didn't notice until I was well into the far from legal speed zone. fortunately, I now had those vehicles between us and.... knowledge of the local roads sure can come in handy at times.
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