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Foot peg question

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I don't like the footpegs on my 800ss. I like those ones that are round and have that knurled grip to them. Ya'll know what I'm talking about?

My question is, does anyone know if just the pegs can be bought? I don't need to swap out the whole rearset. Just the pegs. Mainly to save a couple of bucks if you know what I'm saying. Thanks in advance.:)
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Scott, Shazaam, Moto, thanks for the input. Those that Scott posted on that link, are kinda the idea. You see, I like the feel of a thicker, rounded peg on the bottom of my foot. And I like the surface to be knurled all the way around. I like the grip of those. PLUS, my boots are not the most top dollar jobs. They're your typical E-bay low budget deals. Pff. The soles are somewhat thin, and that Gee Dee ball end of my pegs irritates the crap out of my foot.

:mad:A disclaimer: Just shut the eff up. Don't even say "Go get some new boots dumbass." They'll protect me more than anything else I've got in my closet. So.....just don't give me any crap.;):D

I do though, as a temporary solution for grip, like Shazaam's idea about gnarlying up the stock ones till I get something else. Hell, that's a free idea right there. Nice of Mr. S to share that with us.:)

But anyway, keep the ideas coming ya'll. :)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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