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flywheel torque spec issue

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so i had some battery charging issues with my 01 monster 750... got a new batt still no go so i look into the stator... well thats it stator is burned. the nut in the center of the flywheel was loose the flywheel moved out and touched the stator and burned a coil. so i called a dealer and asked for the torque spec on that nut they said 162 ft lbs and the only way to get that is to have the holder tool (im assuming this is not the clutch holder tool) so i asked about buying a tool. $329... or not so does anyone know if this is the correct torque spec and if it is how do i get this without driving 3.5 hours to the nearest dealer??
thanks sebastian
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With as much torque as you need, the tool is the best way but it can probably be done by leaving the bike on the ground (in gear) and having someone stand on the rear brake while you tighten it (please note, I said probably). I don't have the torque specs in front of me, 162 is about 220Nm which I'm fairly certain is the right torque for that bike. Use loctite on it though, the good high temp stuff.
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