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Floating rotor carriers - group buy

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Right, so there’s been a number of threads and lots of chat about new floating carriers for the ‘90’s cast iron floating brake rotors that were on Superlights, SS/SP’s, 851 SP’s, and a few other bikes. So now it’s time to get this underway.

Let me also state up front here, that I have no interest or association with whoever makes the carriers, or anything else, I just need a new set of carriers for my 851 SP3.

As has been previously stated, new rotors can be made from a 7000 series alloy, which is harder than the original 6000 series alloy carriers. However the manufacturer needs a number of sets ( 13 pairs I believe? ) to make it worth his while. Surely between all the bikes out there with these rotors, and everyone that has expressed interest in the previous threads, we can get 13 solid orders. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but the talk on one of the other threads was in the region of USD$400 for the pair.

I’m sure someone appropriate will chime in with more accurate info and pricing at some stage.

The manufacturer will need a sample as well, so they can make the new ones as exact copies of the originals. So if no one in the US can lend them one, I will send one of mine from Australia.

So, please don’t whore this thread out with “yeah I want some but they’re too expensive”, “ my discs spin on the carriers but they’re fine”, or “ my $150 Chinese eBay floating rotors are the shiz”, please go to the other threads for that. Please only reply if you are serious about putting your hand up for a pair and have the coin to do it. Please also state how many pairs you want.

I’ll start the ball rolling with 1 pair, shipped to Perth. I’m more than happy to combine shipping with anyone else in Perth who wants some ( Julian, Graham? ).
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Corse Dynamics was the company that offered to make the production run for us. They actually asked us to take 15 sets - we will put 2 sets on the shelf to make this happen if there is enough interest - so we only need a total of 13 buyers. Price was $400/set.

We have 4 out of the 15 spoken for...anyone else?

yes put me down for a set too..shipped to thailand.cheers

We are on a roll now...5/15

I'm assuming they are the same anodised gold colour Jafa?
cant seem to find a picture of them in colour?;)
It would have to be the same gold or it would not be a replica.
I assume Corse-Dynamics issue is one of material, not time...

I'd like a new set of rotors too but 15mm offset 6 hole... Having a quick look on-line for a set I've read several other recent inquiries for these as well...

If C-D can produce a set on 15mm/6 hole rotors I'd definitely take a set. What would be REALLY cool would be if they could make discs in a different pattern. I know they've done it before (in hideous swirly patterns) so they are able to do it!

So how about some in the a Brembo Wideband look but in road-bike spec? They are one of the coolest looking brake rotors ever made IMO. It's just a shame they are so heavy and you cant use them except with narrowband calipers.

I've just lost my job but as soon s I'm working again I'd take a couple of sets of those (at least)! One in 10mm/5 hole and one in 15mm/6 hole. As long as they were the same Gold as the Brembo ones. And I'd buy at least one set of discs/buttons from you as well.

I'm sure Motowheels could sell MORE than a few sets of those! You would corner the market in Brembo look 15mm offset/6 hole discs AND offer a product that no one else has. Not in the mood for some innovation and leadership are you Martin?

How about it?
If you are looking for the rotors pictured--we have them in stock in 6 hole 10mm offset. I have the same ones on my 996R.

However don't they:
1) still need to be used in conjunction with the expensive narrow band calipers? And
2) need to spaced out in order to maintain the 15mm 996R caliper offset? And...
3) Are they not 6mm thick (so they don't warp when racing) and consequently very heavy?

Three problems my suggestion was designed to overcome? If I'm wrong (I know there is a strada version) let me know, and I'll have another look at them.

If I'm right, what do you think about my (above) ideas? Possible?
My 996R has a 6 bolt / 10mm offset. I know there are some 996R and most 998R that have the 15mm offset. Have you measured your rotors to be sure?

Sounds like you are looking for some custom made carriers. We can do this- but it can be very expensive to make one-off pieces.

Group buys can help spread the initial cost of the programming and design - but I don't think you will be able to gather enough interest in this thread in the Supersport section. Like the SP rotors, we will need 15 buyers to make a production run.

Hopefully everyone's wallet has recovered from Christmas, and we can get a few more people in on this deal. I'll take 2 sets if I have to, to make it happen.

Put me down for 1 set thanks , now i need to find bike 888 to fit them on :)
we are on a roll!
Is this group buy still a possibility? I'll commit to one set.

Take it easy,
9 out of 15.

We can start on these if everyone is still on board.

Maybe I'm not the only one who is confused:

Moto through CorseDynamics was originally going to do a run of these if a minimum order was placed...

Then FastBikeGear stepped in and said they are now making them.

This is two different Vendors?
The carriers from FastBike Gear sound fine. Are they avail for sale to customers yet? Price?
Yes it is two different venders...we got hijacked...:)

Sponsors get no respect on Ducati.MS...:(
Well done Liam i say,well done they look like a great product.I have put my name down for the other ones and im sticking to my word.I hope the others will too so we can get this thing moving.I thought we had enough people to get this thing started but then its all of a sudden gone quiet.?????
The Corse Dynamics machinist has a set of the rotors and is working on a prototype that should be delivered to us as soon as next week. Once we approve for production, it will only take another two weeks for production and anodize. We can make them available with or with out new buttons.

Are these in production yet and, if so, are there any sets not spoken for?
We are waiting for a prototype to fit check.
The crew just got back from MotoGP on Monday.

Sorry, that we have not made much progress on the rotor carriers.

Our machinist has a big government job to finish. Since that pays the bills, he really has to focus on that to keep his doors open. He gives us great deals on group buys but it requires patience on our part (or a lot of pre-planning). We can go to another machine shops to get work done, but the price will be a lot higher.

Maybe I speak for others:

I'm greatful that you guys - Moto / FastBikeGear - have taken this on. Having these made will never make anyone rich.

But for me, and the 900SS/SP these will go on - I have to be careful how much I spend on a bike that is only worth probably $4K max...

That said - I committed to buy one set from Moto at $400.00, and I will honor that if they are produced in some reasonable timeframe.
Good news is that huge job will be finished soon and he can get back to working on our project.

It is a great deal at $400/set.

I can create a post on our website to take small deposits in the meantime. That usually expedites the project since he will see we have orders backed up.

Nick just posted up the entry to accept $200 deposits. If you use a credit card it will pre-authorize for the full amount but we will only charge $200 to you card at the time the order is placed.

Upon completion of the group buy we expect a 30 day lead time to complete the rotor carriers including hard anodize. Your credit card will be charged the remaining balance from the order at time of shipment. You will be notified 24 hours before the card is charged for the remaining balance.

You can only use a credit card to place a deposit. If you would like to use Paypal or place the order manually, please contact us directly at [email protected] or 916.369.2509.

The machinist said he will interrupt his current product production run and start our production if he has 5 order deposits waiting.

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