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Floating rotor carriers - group buy

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Right, so there’s been a number of threads and lots of chat about new floating carriers for the ‘90’s cast iron floating brake rotors that were on Superlights, SS/SP’s, 851 SP’s, and a few other bikes. So now it’s time to get this underway.

Let me also state up front here, that I have no interest or association with whoever makes the carriers, or anything else, I just need a new set of carriers for my 851 SP3.

As has been previously stated, new rotors can be made from a 7000 series alloy, which is harder than the original 6000 series alloy carriers. However the manufacturer needs a number of sets ( 13 pairs I believe? ) to make it worth his while. Surely between all the bikes out there with these rotors, and everyone that has expressed interest in the previous threads, we can get 13 solid orders. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but the talk on one of the other threads was in the region of USD$400 for the pair.

I’m sure someone appropriate will chime in with more accurate info and pricing at some stage.

The manufacturer will need a sample as well, so they can make the new ones as exact copies of the originals. So if no one in the US can lend them one, I will send one of mine from Australia.

So, please don’t whore this thread out with “yeah I want some but they’re too expensive”, “ my discs spin on the carriers but they’re fine”, or “ my $150 Chinese eBay floating rotors are the shiz”, please go to the other threads for that. Please only reply if you are serious about putting your hand up for a pair and have the coin to do it. Please also state how many pairs you want.

I’ll start the ball rolling with 1 pair, shipped to Perth. I’m more than happy to combine shipping with anyone else in Perth who wants some ( Julian, Graham? ).
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I'm assuming they are the same anodised gold colour Jafa?
cant seem to find a picture of them in colour?;)
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