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Flashed ECU? Need a hand.

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Anyone with a flashed ECU/no immobilizer ever started/run the bike without the dash plugged in? My project is at a stand still as I never received the dash with my ds1100 swap and I've learned that you can't just buy a used dash - apparently it won't work even though the immobilizer has been wiped on my ECU.

Anyone replaced the dash on a hyper with an aftermarket unit, such as a motogadget?
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do you have the key from the dash bike? ive read somewhere that you can clone that key to another (the lockset you are trying to use) Since your keycode doesnt match the dash, like you said, having immo disabled still leaves it wonked since the dash wants the correct key code..... Assuming I am correct about this :)

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I have both black keys from the bike. ECU, antenna, etc.

Really don't care what dash I use, just trying to figure out if I have to buy a NEW hyper dash, or if I could use another dash or even a motogadget instead of the OE dash.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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