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hi team,

just wanted to do a quick write up of what its been like switching from my monster 695 to a biposto (both with termi pipes, both with 14t sprocket). i've only had it for a week...

-the added power is amazing, even with two up riding, there is always plenty of power, where the monster had a harder time keeping up. in the future im going to have to experiment with how i position myself when there is a passenger on the back, after this mornings ride, my boys where crushed. once i got off the bike and saw how nice it looks, they dropped right back down.

- i was worried about back aches and pains, but the bike actually feels very natural and easy to turn. during city riding, the palms of my wrist did start to ache, but nothing too bad..i was prepared for a lot worse.

- ride height is definitely higher on the biposto, and me being 5'10, cant flat foot this bike, and because its heavier, makes walking the bike backwards out of a spot scary.

- the sound is amazing. its like my old bike had gone trough puberty and dropped 3 octaves. i do however miss the noise that the open airbox made on the monster.

- clutch pull is fine on this bike i dont see myself needed a clutch slave.

- stock mirrors are ok, but i think i will go for the crq ls.

- since my m695 didnt even have an oil cooler, this bike seems to not get as hot, although there is plenty of heat hitting my left leg..not sure why i dont feel it on the right.

- i loved my old bike, but the passion faded over the years (had it for 5), now when ever i see my new bike that excitement is back, i just want to go for rides all the time, whatever the errand...im on it.

thats that, im happy to have joined the SC team.

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Welcome to the club! i was getting the wrist/palm ache until I adjusted angle of levers (clutch) mostly. They were pinned and angle was fine riding but when standing in traffic it killed. Pulled pins and set them where they are comfortable for both. Picking up a near stock SC tomorrow morning and almost dreading the clutch lever angle just for the ride home, lol.
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