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First Service

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Last week I took my 999S in for its first service,and also to put on the termi exhaust, ECU chip air filters, etc.. I road the bike back home and could not believe how responsive the motor is and how much harder it pulls and I haven't even redlined it yet. I'm loving the sound of that V-twin and it feels like a completely different bike. Also I was surprized at how much the stock muffler weighs. Just wanted to share my excitement.(Love that sound) :D
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yellowzx you won't be disappointed. To each there own but for me I love the sound plus a boost in performance is great to. I thought there would be a small gain in performance, and I was wrong, it was a BIG gain. I know it breaths better but the new chip for the ECU must ramp up the igition curve because it revs alot faster and it has an awesome throtle response.
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