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the ducati policy for the first service, it's free, no charge, oil and filter changed and the bike get's serviced. so with 600 mi i bring it in. i'm told the bike will be serviced:) BUT for $127.50 i'll get the complete first service? HUH? throttle adjusted, coolant levels checked:confused:, and other adjustments...:(

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Are you talking about the "Full Factory Support" program? If so did you buy the Multi after June 4th, 2009 and were they are participating dealer in the program? Details in the link below, some excerpts from it. Some of the items you list are not included (btw there's no coolant to check on an air-cooled 2V motor). If you're not, I don't know of a "policy" of free first service or did you buy a maintainance agreement?


This program offered is for 12 months Zero-Cost Factory Scheduled Maintenance when you purchase any new, unused, street-legal MY 2008 and MY 2009 Ducati motorcycle retailed from June 4, 2009 through August 31, 2009. Offer valid only at participating Authorized Ducati Dealers in the United States and Canada.

What items are included in the services?
Service 1 includes the following maintenance operations:
  • Change engine oil
  • Change engine oil filter
  • Check brake and clutch oil level
  • Check chain tension, alignment and lubrication
  • Check brake pads. Replace as needed
  • Road test motorcycle
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