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Hello all !

I cant even describe how excited I am to have bought another Ducati ! I sold my last one in the early 80's. I now see I should have kept all the old bevel drives I owned back then, but starting over now,, It still feels the same, maybe a bit more refined, but the same in many ways.
Just put the required 600 miles on my new Hyper and then got rid of the cat, the horrid air box cover and re maped the ECU.. Now it runs and sounds like it should.
It is nice to see that after all these years,, they have continued to refine the old mill and have not made wholesale changes.
It really feels like I am just getting reaquainted with an old friend. Maybe a little faster, certainly turns better,, but still a very comfortable feel.
The only problem I forsee is that there are now more choices on the showroom floor than there was in the late 70's and I want one of each.
Let the collection begin, AGAIN !
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