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first 12 miles on the 999 - comments

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still chilly out, but i put on my thermals and went for it.
i was quite nervous the first time out because of
1. new bike with new riding position
2. more power on the 999 coming from an SV650s.
3. tall first gear
4. release compound on new tire (tires feel like a new hard eraser). chilly outside too.
5. my mind was full of rules (break-in), and i just finished Sportriding Techniques book.

here are my first comments.
1. using two finger clutch - lever doesn't go as far in, so the clutch is half engaged. releasing the clutch is instantaneous go. i do with the my 650, but with the tall gearing of the 999, i have to give it more gas. and more gas on the 999 forces me to be really smooth with my two clutch fingers. i will probably go back to 4 fingers for a while, just in case. (and you can't start the bike if you stall when clutch isn't all the way in).
2. rear brake - can't feel the lever through my boots that well. i think because it is covered in rubber. this will take more time to get used to. (i think i'm obsessive compulsive and have to constantly make sure my feet are in the right spot. i'm constantly pushing the signal off button as well. and checking mirrors. i should probably focus on riding/traffic more)
3. gear shifter - seems like a really long throw to me. but getting into gear is so easy.
4. riding position - so far, not bad at all. i like it. i have to work harder to turn my head and look behind. i think the foot pegs aren't in the right position for me. thighs were getting a bit sore, as i'm trying not to put weight in the arms/wrists. my feet don't go flat on the ground - almost though.
5. the ride - bike felt light. turning was mindless. downshifting was easy to do smoothly. bike was pretty quiet.

so far, riding the bike felt really good. my biggest concern so far.. drumroll.. is stopping and starting. no surprise there, but i definitely don't feel overwelmed by the bike at all. of course, i've only gone to 5000 rpms, but my SV650s i've been riding is harder to ride i think.

gonna reflect some more, and go back out. wait. maybe i should hang out with wife a bit too.

oh. one more concern, as i was turning into my driveway that has a slope, i heard a big clunk. any ideas? it doesn't sound like a chain, but i don't know.

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