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Thanks for the opportunity to join this awesome portal.To tell you a little about myself, Lived in Chicago most of my life ,than a year ago moved to Madison Wisconsin.What a beautiful state to ride in, I have to tell you.Moved here with my family for a new career.Been out of the bike seen for about 10 years until about a year ago ran across this red beautiful 2000 ST4
( 9000 mi) ,I told myself have to have it. So bought it and now starting to tinker with it basically cleaning it up from the last owner that didn't quite take care of her like I would have. But that's in the past and now and she is now being taken care of. I'm enjoying the great feel and ride of this Ducati.I will admit this is my first Ducati and I ask myself why did I wait so long. Oh well.
I guess the thing I mess about living here is I don't know anyone that rides.(I do know a couple of Harley guys but it doesn't do it for me watching them always working on their bike,I want to ride) So I was hoping maybe someone could direct me to somewhere around this area to meet and ride a little.Maybe talk some shop about bikes in general. I do like working on things myself but just figuring out how many screws it takes to get the fairing off is challenging at times.Would also like to find a decent shop around here.That's the one thing I've found about this brand of bikes is there's limited shops to go to unless you like to travel 50-1oo mi to get service done.
I'll stop the chatter and just say thanks for having a great site to be a part of.
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