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Hey guys I've been a member for awhile but just a few weeks ago I made a deal on a 2008 Red 848 in the Chicago area. I'm excited to ride again. I previously owned two Honda CBR600RRs. Mostly ran them on the track, being 28 now and looking for something more unique I went for the Ducati.
I knew I wanted one ever since I 2006 when I was standing on the side of the the track at Putnam Park watching all the bikes going by and was caught off guard as a 999 when thundering by. :eek:
Anyways just wanted to say hey I'm looking to learn a lot and imagine I will have to care more for this bike then my Honda's but I'm excited to own a true piece of craftsmanship. New Fairings, Rearsets, SS Front Lines and Pads will be on the way shortly. Tire recommendations for hard track days and little street use? I also will hit the track in the rain I'm sure. Pilot Power 2CT's were the hot tire back then but I'm sure its changed.

-Nathan :crazy:
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