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Anyone had this happen to them?

I just got my 7500 mile service done last weekend, and I've put about 100 - 200 miles on the bike since then. I took the bike out of the garage yesterday to go riding. About 3 miles into the ride, some guy starts pointing at my bike. I give him the thumbs up, "Yeah, its an awesome bike!!" He keeps pointing... "Yeah, I know its really fun!!" He points again. I stop the bike, get off, and there's oil gushing out the right side of the bike, smoking off the exhaust (rear tire spit it up there), and I feel like a moron.

I pulled the bike into a parking lot immediately, and got it towed to my dealership.

I think oil is leaking from the oil filter, but I'm not sure.

Anyone else experienced this? Anyone think its because of the dealer's service?? Pics to come Monday after I get back from camping.
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