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Breaks my heart to sell, especially after writing the ad! But it's time to move on.

Bike originally built by Ferracci for AMA supersport competition. This was Celtic Racing's A-Bike. Was on original MSO from Ferracci, but between myself and the previous owner it's somehow been lost. I don't know what records Ferracci keeps, but MotoCorse has a good relationship with Eraldo, he can verify anything you want to know.

At Road America the engine with the Carillo rods and lightened / polished crank turned a rod bearing. So bike is being sold with a fresh rebuild from Moto Corse Performance Fort Lauderdale.

New valves
New crank, journals polished and oil passages chamfered.
New stock rods and New rod bearings
1098R crank bearings
ARP special order rod bolts

This motor is 100% fresh, two dyno runs, then I rode it one weekend at New Jersey to break it in. That was last weekend (6/10).

Microtec ECU, 2 maps, MR-12 and Pump.
143 HP on MR-12. Dyno chart available.
Quick shift
Nemesis Traction Control, custom map for US Dunlop slicks
Ferracci slipper clutch
Termignoni TI full system with carbon cans
Corse (RS) throttle. This is a $600 part if you can find one.
Yoyodyne slave cylinder

Frame Rearset tabs reinforced, powder coated Red
Nichols triple clamps
Ducati Corse (RS) Swingarm, painted gloss black. This is a $5,000 part if you can find one.
Ducati Corse (RS) linkage
K-Tech fork cartridges front, Serviced by Thermosman
K-Tech shock, high and low speed damping, hydraulic preload adjuster. 105 spring. Serviced by Thermosman
Ohlins steering damper
Front and rear lightweight subframes
Woodcraft lever guards
Woodcraft rearsets
Woodcraft clip ons
Woodcraft case guards
Catalyst Composites bodywork, never crashed. Large Air Ducts with MWR Filters
Professional paint and decals
Corse style (tall) windshield
Lightweight fuel cell tank with Quick Fill- (Saves 9 lb!)
Ducati performance race seat
Fast Frank quick change front axles, with fender mounts
Carbon front fender, silver (matching) spare
Brembo RCS radial master cylinder
Assortment of Ferracci rear sprockets

A lot of detail work went into this bike, and a lot of setup time by Chris Boy at Moto Corse. We spent several weekends riding the bike at various tracks to get things perfect. Small things like the soft silicone pro-grips, titanium axle nut from Ferracci, Perfect alignment of front and rear ends (you can push this bike in the pits with one finger), AMA legal catch bottle system, quick change system for the Daytona 200 (a lot of hours went into making that work smoothly!) Ergonomics of the lap timer, TC buttons, etc. Not to mention chassis geometry, gearing, power delivery / fuel injection, etc.

Bike comes with the following spares:

Two sets of wheels, both with rotors and traction control triggers

ALMOST complete engine (missing cases). Everything else is there. Pistons, cylinders, timing gears, etc.
set of 1098R crank bearings
Polished / lightened crank and Carillo rods. These may be able to be salvaged, not sure.
Rear head needs valve guides

Front and rear stock subframes

Superbike tail

Complete set of Sharksinz bodywork, black / neon orange. This had been crashed and I had it professionally repaired and painted as a spare. Just needs your numbers!

Spare fuel tank, stock with NO fuel pump.

Probably some stuff I'm forgetting!

Bike is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

$15K takes the whole package.

Open to partial trades, MV 675, 959 Pani or 1299 Pani.

Gino 954 SIX ONE TWO 0367

[email protected]

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