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Fell in love, need advice!!

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Hey fellas,

I just got back from a friend's flat, and I have that craving once more. Yeah, I'm thinking of getting another bike.

Here's the story: My friend's dad passed away (cancer) about a week ago, and he told my friend to sell me his bike. I've drooled over his '98 Duc 748 monoposto since new. He knew about it, always teased me with it (would call me on a sunday morning and tell me he would think of letting me ride it if I went with them somewhere they needed to, so basically I was their driver for years and NO i NEVER rode it!) Anyways, my friend called me up today and when I got there he tells me I could have it, he wants 4K for it. It's only one of two Duc's around here (the other is a gorgeous 996).

The thing is I just bought an R1, don't have the money, and would have to get a loan (fu#$ing banks in medellin STEAL 25% APR!!!!). I really, really want it, bad.

What would you do? Am I crazy for getting into a bind, probably will have to let go of some commodities like food and other stuff Or am I just taking a great opportunity to own and finally ride the bike I've lusted for 8 years?

PS. No he won't just give it to me, believe me, I asked!

PS2. Have any of you ridden one of these? My friends dad was a demon on the twisties with it, but I would appreciate some input. Like I said, these things are rare down here(here's why: a new 999R goes for 150 grand and you have to wait 6 months to get it, after you paid a 50% deposit!).
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If it's what you want..then just get it. I'm sure you can find a way of getting the money somehow. Perhaps a family member is willing to loan you the money for a short time, at a good rate.

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If you really want it ... find someone to lend you the money. The only problem I see is with spare parts, but if you have certified Duc shop in Medellin you should be able to buy parts on the internet and have them install them. The price sounds reassonable.

If for what ever reasson you can not buy it let me know. I am in the process of buying a bike and would not mind driving a Duc. PM me if you really can't afford it. I live in Bogotá.

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