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Heard an interesting comment from one of the race commentators on Sunday, he was talking about how Lorenzo lost an engine at Assen and how that could have been prevented if they ran the mercury tilt switch they run in practice.
Reason they don't run them in the race is so a remount is possible if the engine is still running, but that's entirely optional.
Wonder if they should be made spec all the time in the interests of safety?
Wouldn't be the first time a throttle has jammed open with a bike in gear and down in race, a pretty dangerous condition.


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Sounds like they would be solving a problem that doesn't really exist. Sure, Lorenzo lost an engine, but dangerous? I didn't see that. Hell, Lorenzo looked at it and turned around! Just something else to go wrong in my opinion.
And I have seen instances of a slide, or similar, where rejoining the race allowed for points to be made. Why take that away?

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Easiest solution:

Starter motors.

The teams can easily save weight elsewhere.

I know that opens a can of "weight distribution" worms, but whatever, the engineers can get around that (unless they're Ducati engineers).


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the bikes already have the needed instrumentation to know what the bike's attitude is. no need of anything more. the teams already decide what situation warrants action(s) regarding engine shut-off etc.

as for safety, assuming they all use fly-by-wire, there is nothing to worry about as far as gravel goes. they'd all be using stepper motors sans linkage (and run air filters) so no chance of a stuck throttle.
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